Bringing Racing to the Upper Bay

The Races

Sailboat racing should be, can be, and is fun. People enjoy the sport for as many reasons as there are participants. Some enjoy the competition, and some gain pleasure from sailing their best in a complex and ever changing environment. Still others like to spend time in a mutually agreeable pursuit with people they enjoy.

The Northern Bay Racing Program occurs on two levels:

Level 1 - CBYRA Sanctioned Events

The Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association (CBYRA) is the governing body for all significant racing on the Bay. They sponsor many races during the year from the Sassafras River to Norfolk. CBYRA membership includes a Greenbook with race entry forms and details of events. Click here for the GRF Racing Calendar for the Havre de Grace Fall regatta, and the NERYC invitational.

Level 2 - Club Races in the Sassafras River

The heart of the club program is typified by our GRF Spring and Fall series. Our club races are open to anyone, whether or not they are members of the GRF. The Series Races include both Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker classes

In addition to the Series Races, the GRF runs a number of Non Series Races, including

Non series races start all boats as one class, without spinnakers.

CBYRA Sanctioned Events

The Bay Jam Environmental Cup, as shown in the CBYRA Greenbook, will be run by the GRF in accordance with established CBYRA rules and procedures. All marks are Region 1, Standard Racing Marks as published in the Greenbook. A chart is available here.

The start for this race is expected to be near Betterton. Details for the race and a social at Turners Creek will be available when the Green Book is published. Starts will be assigned for PHRF A, B, C, D, non-spinnaker and cruising A, B.

Other CBYRA events are available in the Upper Bay, such as the Havre de Grace Fall Regatta. Also, NERYC is sponsoring an invitational race. Further details may be obtained by contacting NERYC at their web site.

Click here for details of the GRF General Race Procedures, including Courses, and Start and Finish procedures.

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