Bringing Racing to the Upper Bay

Non Series Club Races

In addition to the Spring and Fall series Races, the Upper Bay Racing includes a number of non series races.

  • Mid-distance Tune Up Race
  • Ladies Day / Man Overboard Race
  • Surprise Race
  • Moonlighter Race
  • Bay Jam Races
  • Chill Out and Fall Point to Point Races


Mid-Distance Tune Up Race

The Mid Distance Tune up race will start at 1000, and will have a time limit of 1800 hours. Details on the race are available from the Race Committee.

The Mid Distance Race will be followed by a social gathering at 6:30 pm, and buffet at 7:00 pm at the Dublin Dock Restaurant in Betterton, where you can relate your sea stories.

Ladies Day / Man Overboard Race

The Ladies Day / MOB Race is run as one class on a boat-to-boat basis. It will have a staggered start, which should bring more boats to the finish line at about the same time. Spinnakers are not permitted. A woman must be at the helm throughout the race. This is a challenging race, which prepares us for emergency situations.

The race will start at 1100 hours at the same "Y" location in the Sassafras River as the series races. There will be a warning blast at 1050 hours and a preparatory blast at 1055 hours. Each boat will be assigned a start time delay after 1100 hours equal to the time allowance it gives to the highest rated boat in the fleet for the selected course.

Check in with the RC at the raft in Turner Creek or at the start ("Y") by 1015 to get your envelope with your start time and the time you are to begin the MOB drill. For the Man Overboard drill, a cushion, life jacket or other floating object is to be thrown overboard at the designated time, and recovered under sail before proceeding on course. The use of a boat hook, while discouraged, will be permitted for those boats that cannot otherwise reach the floating object. Awards will be given.

Surprise Race

The Surprise Race is run as one class on a boat-to-boat basis. It will have a twist or two, according to written instructions. Check in with the RC at the raft in Turner Creek or at the start ("Y") by 0915 to get your instructions and start time. The first boat starts at 1000 hours (0950 warning and 0955 preparatory), at the Series "Y" start location. Spinnakers are not permitted. Awards will be given.

The BayJam Races

The Bay Jam Race will take place over a weekend. The Saturday race will start at buoy G, and the finish line will be off Still Pond. It will take us on a circular course, and we will raft up in Still Pond, where we will join the Bay Jam party ashore. The Bay Jam Return Race will take place on Sunday. Race details will be available during the raft.

Race details will be available at least two weeks before the Bay Jam weekend. Awards will be given.

Fall Point to Point Races

The Fall Point to Point race is an effort to extend the racing season for those hardy sailors who can't let go of the opportunity to be out on the water with friends and fellow sailors. The main theme of the weekend will be a combination of social activities and racing. If the weather creates the opportunity, the Point to Point could include a sail to Annapolis or the Magothy River. Alternatively, if the participants prefer rafting at Turners or retiring to the Granary or other local establishment after shorter sails, it will also have been a successful weekend. The Race Committee will set details. Awards will be presented.

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